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13 reasons why – review

Ok, so 13 reasons why. What is it:

Its a tv show about a young girl, I think she is 16 or 17, don’t remember, and she killed herself. In the first (and right now the only) season she makes some old school cassette tape’s in wich she explains why she did it and whom is to blame for it.
I am not a person that likes to watch drama shows, but I saw the trailer and I was intrigued. If you know me a bit you’ll know that I too was bullied at school, so in some things I could recognize the way she felt and responded.

Hannah is her name, moves to a new city and has one friend (forgot her name). The friend has a party at her place and introduces Hannah to some people she knows. She starts a job at the local movie theater in wich Clay becomes her coworker. She has met him at the party and they kinda hit it on. The girl moves away so when Hannah goes to her new school, she doesn’t really know anyone but Clay. Some old happy lady introduces her to a girl who is also new at the school, named Jessica. They become friends and make one new friend (Alex) and that’s when shit starts to happen…

Best friend

Hannah leaves a box of tapes to a guy and he puts them on the doorstep of Clay. He has a hard time listening to it. I for one thing think he is brave that he even does it. People have listened to it before and some even pulled a “all-nighter” but none took their time like he does. When you’re watching it you can really feel his pain and his anger. The fear of nearing his own tape.


The show is not about action or real “Cry me a river” drama but it is really, really good. It shows you how fucked up a teenage head can be. How naive some people can be and how blind or careless. When an episode is violent or has other shocking footage in it, it will say so before it starts. We did not expect to watch the whole season in one week but we did. It kept us hooked and I loved it. Not sure love is the right word for it but I don’t know how the express my feelings in any other way. It has been a week ago that we finished it and I still think about it sometimes. I look forward to season 2. I really wonder how they are going to pick up where they left off.

So if I where to give it a rating I would give it a 5 out of 5 stars.

Go check it out if you haven’t already!


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