Redone my 3D painting

3 years ago (14 jun. 2015 to be precise) I posted my very first Youtube video. It was a project of a 3D hot glue-gun painting. My channel has not grown since that day but the video did get more than 1500 views. Ok it is not much compared to a whole lot of other video’s out there but Hey! still good for a rookie! 😉

A pink painting 3 hearts made out of hot glue.


The old 3D painting has 5 likes and 8 dislikes. Ok, it’s not all that bad but nobody likes a dislike. In this case I can actually understand it. I mean it is my very first video! What do you expect? People can be mean but I wasn’t angry or anything. Its not like I received hate mail haha. So last week when I was scrolling over all the videos and I saw the dislikes again, I thought should make this video again. Redoing it. Just to see what I would do different and if it is an improvement or not.

New equipment

The first time I made this I wasn’t really thinking of what I was doing. I was just winging it. For starters I used a cheap ass, small glue-gun. It is not that these are super bad and they might even be great for these kind of (non precise) projects. The only thing that is annoying about the cheaper guns is that they string a lot more then the professional ones. And the stringing part was the reason that I got me an other one. I have to say that it works a lot better. The one that I am using in the new video is from the brand Stanley.

Hot glue gun from the brand Stanley.

Starting over

This time I thought about what I was doing a tiny bit more. As I said in the first video, the drawing doesn’t have to be perfect but my freehand drawing is not all that great. Pinterest is one of my favorite sites/apps at this moment and that is where I went to find me an nice picture. I printed it and placed it on my canvas and over a piece of carbon paper. This is the same paper I used in my Goku mirror. I than traced the drawing and I could start using the glue gun.

I have to say that using a “stencil” for this project, made it a lot easier. When you start using the glue gun there will be some air in it and sometimes it “farts”, leaving a puddle of glue. My advice is to stay close to the canvas so the puddles do not get that big. Keep a steady hand and maybe support it if need be.


When you are done with the glue, you can take a can of spray paint and cover the canvas with paint. You can also take multiple colors to give it a gradient look. I than took some black acrylic paint and painted on the glue and just beside the glue. After that you are donezors!

Products used

Glue gun
Canvas of your own choice
Glue stick
Spray paint pink 
Spray paint gold
Acrylic paint 

If you are under aged and not familiar with a glue gun, please ask an adult to help you.

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