About me

It’s me!

Hi there,

Thank you for taking a look at my page. I Will tell you guys a bit more about me.

Kealima isn’t my real name. It’s Marcella but most friends call me Cella. I live in the Netherlands and I was born in February of 1985. I have a boyfriend (Eltjo) and a son (Xavi).

I’m a creative person. I like to create stuff with my hands like crochet, perler beads, engraving or with clay.  Editing in Photoshop is something I like to do as well but I wouldn’t say I am that good at it. The program has a lot of secrets for me which it barely ever shows me.

You can describe as a nerd. Fantasy is something that I’m a big fan of. Going from Dragons to Vampire’s to fairies to gnomes….cuz gnomes are funny as shit!

An other big hobby of mine is gaming. That is also where I got my nickname from. About ten years back I made a new character in World of Warcraft (a human mage I believe) and she needed a proper name, I ended up with creating Kealima and it just stuck with me….

So yeah, I hope you guys like my chatter and of course my creations I would really love it if you leave a comment once in a while.

Thank you for reading and see you on my blog, insta, facebook or youtube! 😉

Greets Marcella