Dragonball mirror

Recently I started playing with a Dremel tool. It is small but powerful tool that I used for engraving glass. I used it to make a Dragonball mirror!

2 weeks ago I went shopping with my mom and she needed to go to my dad to give him something. My dad has his own company in making window frames. He told me that some blades that he uses can only be sharpened with some hardend glass. Something he did not have. So he asked a salesman if he had some laying around in his car. The salesman did have something laying around but not the glass that my dad needed. He gave my dad the pieces of hardend mirror glass. 1 of them had a bronze tint to it and the other one was blue.

When my parents where talking I was strolling around in his working space and I saw the bronze tinted glass. My dad said I could take it home if I liked it. Not really knowing what to do with it yet I took it home with me. I went online and saw some nice pictures going about. Seeing as I like Dragonball Z and Dragonball Super a lot I came to the conclusion that I had to etch Goku on it.


The mirror did not have a standerd size so I tried to make the picture I found of Goku bigger. For this I used Photoshop. Still I could not print this myself. So I took my kiddo and went to the copyshop. They where a bit surprised when I told them what I was planning to make. They also liked the idea, it was something they don’t often get. To bad the copy cost me about 15 Dollar!
With the copy in one hand and the small hand of my son in the other, I went to the craft store and bought some transfer-paper.

Getting started

Now that I had everything needed to get started, I went to my crafting attic. I placed my transferring-paper onto the mirror and than on top of that the copy of Goku. Then using a skewer I traced all the lines and made sure it transferred onto the mirror. I have to be honest, this was really boring to do… But, hey! It was for a good cause! Onto the fun stuf!


I installed the dremel with my flex cord-line-thingy (whatever its called) and a diamond ball burr and started tracing the lines that transferred on the mirror. I didn’t use any water to remove the dust that came of it. The reason for this is that I was afraid that it would also remove the transfer lines. What I did do is wipe it of with an cloth. This also removed the lining so after a while I started drawing over the lines with a black pencil. Piece by piece because this also was removed by the cloth. Once the outlining was done I could fill up the black spaces. This was a butt load of work. I did try to use a different burr for it but did not like the outcome of it. This is a personal taste so if you do like the outcome and it helps you save time, go for it!

So without further ado I give you the making of the Goku mirror!

What you need:

*A mirror of your choice
*A picture of you choice or good drawing skills
*Transfer-paper or good drawing skills 😉
*Something pointy
*Dremel Tool
*Diamond burr with 4mm head
*Cloth to wipe dust
*A steady hand

Remember to take breaks. The dremel tool is a heavy tool so you might get cramps in your hand. Also if you are under aged, ask you parents if it is ok to make this.

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