DnD; the Curse of Strahd

Dungeons and dragons, the Curse of Strahd. The beginning.

As some of my readers might know; I play DnD with some of my friends. Vincent has been our Dm for the first few… well forever. So after a day of slaying monsters we where talking over the day and the available books of DnD. Vince told us there is a short story about vampires around. I love vampires and so does Rob. Vince asked if Rob wanted to give it a try to be Dm for that story. Rob kinda wanted to be player in this story as well so Eltjo took the part of Dm to himself since Vince really wanted to play again after all the years of being a Dm.

Strahd himself chilling out.


We bought the book and started looking for characters to play. In hoard I play a drow warlock, which I really love. I like to play ranged but in this story I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and be something I never done before. As… I… took…. a paladin!!
Not just any paladin! No, ladies and gents I took a dwarf female paladin. A paladin with a son, who wants to make the world a better place for her child to live in… yup! That’s me!
Omg what did I do!!??

Our group

And so our group was made! (click for character sheets).


We started of in a forest, it was dark and once we had eaten we decided to go to bed. The morning sets in and we wake up to a forest and we find ourselves in a very dense fog. The fog feels strange, and Dorn starts to pray to Lathander (God to birth and renewal), he finds it very hard to contact his god. He suspects that we are not in de same forest as the day before. The fog makes it hard to see and we but we cant sit around waiting for it to go past us, so we decide to grabs our stuff and head on.

And so we reach a road and I get to make the choice to see which way we walk to. We walk on and we seem to hit an invisible wall. *wrong way, DOH!*
So yeah, lets go the other way! We walk for 4 hours and we reach a small town. The town looks eerie and abandoned. That is what we thought though. In the middle of the town in front of a house are 2 small kids. We ask them a few questions and this is what they told us:

Our question Their answer
Where are your parents? We don’t know, they brought the monster to the basement.
What monster We dont know.
What can we do to help? Our baby brother is on the 3rd floor, we want our brother.

Yep, we still need to work on our investigation skills :’D

Ok, so Dorn first wanted to stay with the kids while Thorival and Kealima where to go in and see what was going on. I did not deem that a good idea so we went all in! *all in on black please!*
We entered the house and came in a small room that was the hallway. We went into the only door there was and came in a 2nd hallway. On the wall we, later learned, saw the family crest and some pictures and a place to keep cloaks and boots. The next room we entered was a really big hall with a big stairway going up in a circle. The hall had 5 doors including the one we just came trough. We picked door number one that was just across the door we just came trough. The room was just a bit bigger than half of the hall with the stairway. In it was big table with 8 chairs around it, a fireplace that hasn’t been used for a while and 1 other door. On the walls where a lot of picture’s. One looked to be a family picture with a woman on it that did not look very happy, a male with a baby, an maid and the two children we met earlier.
We went on and came in the kitchen where we saw a lot of food, some of it was starting to rot but the rest looked really well but untouched for a while now.


Wait, what!? There is a second floor? Should we check it out?
Naaaah, the baby brother is on the 3th, lets not waist time on the 2nd floor!
*Still don’t know why we made this weird choice*


Aaah yes, there we are; the 3th floor!
The first thing we see is a big armor stand across the hallway against the wall. Next to it is a door and parallel to that door, another door. These are to our left. To our right are also 2 door, one of them we cant see from our point of view.
As curios as real adventurers we want to open one of the door to our left. This means we have to walk past the armor. And we all know what happens when you walk in front of an armor!!! Yes it did… it can “alive”! *goddamnit*

Alive! Its aliiive!

So our first fight starts. I seem to remember that I rolled highest and so I had the honor of attacking first. I hit it on the…. wall…. *fumble* As I fumble on we hear a giggle coming out of one of the rooms. Thorival tries to kill it with fire but that does not do much at all. It needs a lot a melee damage so I keep on hitting it till the bitter end. It took much but we managed to kill it.



Seems like the day was long and so is this blog, so time for a new one. As soon as it’s online I will place a link here.

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