Game review: Moss

Game review: Moss

So moss is a Action-adventure game about a super cute mouse, named Quill, that needs to save her uncle or grandfather, I can’t remember which. The small mouse is out and wandering in the woods when she gets the feeling she is being watched. When she looks up she sees you, the reader. 

She is not afraid of you and she asks your help in finding her way back home. At that point a see-through light blue ball appears and you can control it and Quill herself. Throughout the maps are big objects that a mouse simply can not use or climb up on but with the help of the reader, she can.

The reader
This is the reader with the control ball.

You can use the ball which you can see in the picture to move objects so that it serves a purpose for Quill. For example; you can open doors, move platforms, grab and hold enemies or restore Quill’s health. Quill is a very social little mouse and she will help you have with hints to what to do when you don’t know how to solve a puzzle. She will look at you, point to an enemy and makes a sound like cocking a weapon and shooting it (so funny!). This way of interaction between you and Quill is so nicely done that it really creates some kind of bond between the two of you.


As the reader of the story you hover above the playground from our mouse-friend. The 3-D world that is Moss has really been setup nicely. If you are like me and you like to sit down with a VR game than I will tell you now; You will have to stand up sometimes. You can really see the depths and you sometimes have to look around an wall or object in order to find an relic. The game does not really work on your motion sickness. At least it did not for me. Moss does not look grainy, I even dare to say it looks sharp. The forest looks like it has been pulled out of an fairy tale.

Something that really impressed me is the ratio. You are the reader of the story and you look down upon your book. This means you are big and you are really looking down on the mouse. The mouse itself is small, as it should be. At some point you come across a human battlefield from ages long gone. The swords and helmets that lay on the ground are so huge compared to Quill. This is how sizing should be!


The game is fun and money well spent. Without any doubt a my greatest experience in Playstation VR games.

  • The character is fun
  • The puzzles are not that hard
  • Interaction between reader and mouse are funny and well made
  • Beautiful environment which also interacts
  • Controls are easy to use

The only downside was that it was a bit short. Played it in a view hours.

Score: 9.0
Platform: PS4 VR
Publisher: Polyarc
Developer: Polyarc
Release Date: 27 Feb  2018
Get your copy at the Playstation store.

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