The 100

The 100 review may contain spoilers!
This time we are talking about "The 100". This show is about a world after an apocalypse.

In the beginning

The world is coming to an end. A view (selected) people have made it to a space station to make sure that the human race would survive. After a 100 years the station became to crowded. The big boss had the hard task to come up with a way to save on air. The only way that they could save on air is to get “rid” of bodies. They had some people in prison and so they decided to sent them back to earth to “test” if humans can survive on earth again.

Dropped off

Once they where dropped on earth (wich was rough landing) they started having troubles of any kind. They thought the were alone but weren’t, they thought the were with friends but looks can be deceiving. Nothing went as planned. So the struggle to stay alive began.

My view

I heard some good stories about it so I told Eltjo that we had to watch it. The first season was OK. Just like every other new show the had a low budget and had to build up. This season is also full of young people with not that much of experience in acting. I’m not saying that they where bad but the sure had to learn a trick or two still 🙂

Season two was a lot better. More action from here on. It had some cliche moments where you would be able to say what the player would say next.
The other seasons just continue in this rate.


Story: Entertaining enough to keep going.
Acting: Still needs a bit of work for some, overal good
Action: plenty
Drama: Some players are really annoying. And I also had to flick a tear or two away
Predictable: yeah sometimes

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