The making of Nami

As some of you might know I like to game. Sometimes when I am not able to game or I am not allowed in order of self protection :’D I like to turn twitch on. If you don’t know what Twitch is, I will tell you.

Logo of the streamersite Twitch.

Twitch is a platform where everyone can broadcast there game play, Real-life-talk and stream there creative work. You set up one or multiple cameras and a microphone and start doing the thing you love to do most. When a streamer is live you see there game play and if they have a camera active you can also see their face.
When I explain it like this it makes it sound boring but I can assure you it’s not. If you are alone at home, you’re not alone anymore. You can talk to them by chat and if you have a good streamer (this is the person that is playing) they will answer to your chatter. I will make a post explaining this more deeply later on.

Streamer Mathia

One of my favorite streamers is Mathia. She is a awesome girl and like me she lives in the Netherlands. She used to stream in English but decided that she wanted to start streaming in Dutch.
Last week she had a lot of stuff going on. She was made partner for 2 years, she could give away a game to 1 of her followers and she had her birthday. So what better reason was there for me to make her one of her favorite game characters.

Who is Nami?

Nami is a character from the game League of Legends (LoL for short).

A headstrong young vastaya of the seas, Nami was the first of the Marai tribe to leave the waves and venture onto dry land, when their ancient accord with the Targonians was broken. With no other option, she took it upon herself to complete the sacred ritual that would ensure the safety of her people. Amidst the chaos of this new age, Nami faces an uncertain future with grit and determination, using her Tidecaller staff to summon the strength of the oceans themselves.

-For more info about Nami, please check out this gamepedia.

Drawn image of my perler of Nami

The making of

Nami wasn’t all that easy to make. She had no clear outlining which was out of the box for me. I tried to do as much from 1 color at the same time. In total she took me 1h 45min. To be honost this is very long. In my defense; I did have a boyfriend and a son that kept distracting me! :’D
Because it took me that long, the movie had to be cut down to two parts. I hope you like it and maybe you can make one yourselves!

Beads I used:

  • Dark red 022
  • White 001
  • Black 018
  • Azure blue 049
  • Dark blue 008
  • Grey 017
  • Dark green 028
  • Mint green 011
  • Yellow 1003

If you need a refill of your beads, get them here.

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