Wish, You either love it or hate it. I, for one, love it! And I will tell you why.

At first I was a bit scared to order something. After scrolling and watching and scrolling for some days I decided it was time to order something. It was a facemask. I did not want to lose much money and not receive the item or any other weird stuff that can happen when you order online.

In the past I ordered on Ebay so I know it can take a while before my product gets here (Here being the Netherlands), so I wasn’t expecting the delivery within 2 weeks! So with the ice being broken I wanted more! Always mooore! hahaha. I needed a new bag for work and I wanted a backpack. They have so many nice bags and I had a hard time choosing one. I asked my mom to pick one from the many bags that I saved as a favorites. She told me wich one and that I had to take aqua blue. I was disappointed when I openend my package and found that I got a jeans blue one.

So I made a ticket claiming that I did not receive the desired color.  I told them that I loved the way the Wish app works but that I got the wrong color and that I wish to know what the next steps would be. The next morning I already got my answer and they told me that they could see that I ordered the wrong color myself. I went to check that out and found out that the shipper made a mistake with the colors schemes themselves. I told them and they told me that they would give me my money back. Surely I was happy with that solution but how about the bag itself?  Do I get a new one, do I need to sent this one back? I was confused and had already asked them this but I didn’t get a reply on that question, so I asked again. What came next really got me flabbergasted!

They told me I could keep the bag!! Because I live in the Netherlands and its to much of a hassle to return this to China, I got to keep the bag with the best of wishes of Wish :’D I could order a new one! I needed that bag for my work and they said I could keep so I started taking it to work and I got really nice responses on it so the evil B*tch I am, I decided to keep it. It was not my intention but yeah…


Helpdesk: Good and fast reply
Solution: Money back and got to keep the product, so good!
Time refund: Fast, 1 or 2 days

Tip: When you want to order something, take a good look at what you’re buying. Look at the size chart and description. Some of the sellers manipulate the pictures so that it looks bigger or smaller than it actually is. Use your common sense.

Tip 2: If you want to avoid any extra customs costs, don’t pay more than 22 euro and you’re good to go (this probably varies per country).

If anyone wants to try wish out with some extra discount, please mail me and I can give you a discount code (first come, gets first).

Hopes this helps you and please know that this was an honest review and I am not being payed to say this!

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